Boost Blues Sky using Graduated Filter

In this tutorial I show you how to boost blue skies using the Lightroom graduated filter.

Time Taken – Approximately 3 minutes!

Here’s the video walk-through…

If you prefer a text walk-through, here we go…

Starting Image

This is the image we are starting with…

First off, click on the graduated filter and click-hold on your image, then pull it down. Three parallel lines will appear. Pull them to roughly cover the sky area. You don’t have to be super precise here because you can always tweak the coverage later.

Next, quickly check that it is set to adjust the sky by ramping the exposure setting either all the way to the right or all the way to the left.

If it is upside down, just hover your cursor over the middle line, the line with the dot, and when the double arrow icon appears, click and swing it through 180 degrees.

Adjustment Panel

Next, go to the adjustment panel and set the following:

Take the TEMPERATURE down to around -40
Boost CONTRAST to around +40And take the HIGHLIGHTS down to -40
Set CLARITY to approximately +30 and SATURATION to +60

Add Color

Click the Color icon at the bottom of the panel and play with the color setting until you get something you like.

Adjust Coverage

Lastly, play with the filter by dragging the lines up and down until you get the coverage you want.

One tip worthy of note here is that the further away the clouds are, the more condensed they appear. Therefore in a sky where there are multiple white clouds, the horizon will appear mostly white, not blue!


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