Boost Blue Sky with HSL

In this tutorial I show you how to boost blue skies using the HSL settings panel in Lightroom.

Time taken – Under 1 minute

Here is the image we are going to play with..

The first thing to point out is that this technique only works if sky in your image actually has blue in it. If sky is grey then it will not work. Also, using HSL boosts ALL blues, so if there are blues elsewhere in the image other than the sky, they will be boosted too.


Open up the HSL panel and select LUMINANCE tab.

Take the BLUE slider to the left. The amount is image dependent but try somewhere around -30 to start with.

Next, take the AQUA down to somewhere around -25. Again, you may want to tweak this depending on your specific image.

Now select the SATURATION tab

Boost the BLUE saturation up to around +40

And then take Aqua up to the +15 mark.

When you boost the blues using HSL, you may inadvertently darken the shadows at the same time. If this happens, go to the BASIC panel and lift the shadows by moving the slider to the right.


Here is the finished image and a before/after…

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