Transform your image with a touch of frost

How to give your image a winter frost feel

We are some way off winter at the moment, but if you can’t wait, here’s how to give your summer images a touch of frost. Brrrrr.

Video Walk Through

Starting Image

BASIC Settings

Pull the HIGHLIGHTS up to around the mid +30’s. Similarly, bring the SHADOWS up, this time to the mid 20’s. 

Leave the BLACKS at zero but bring the WHITES up to the mid 30’s.

Add a little CLARITY, say somewhere between +15 and +20, and DEHAZE to -5 or so.

Desaturate by pulling the SATURATION slider to the left, around -10.

HSL Settings

Starting with HUE, take the BLUE slider down to around -20.

Next, there’s a little more to do with the SATURATION…

Take YELLOW, GREEN, PURPLE and MAGENTA all down to -100 (slider fully left).

Take AQUA down to around -30 and push the BLUE UP to around +30.

Now for the LUMINANCE…

YELLOW and GREEN should be pushed fully right to +100.

Take AQUA to around +30 and BLUE DOWN to -10 or so.


Now this is just a ’nice to have’ option. You can give your image a subtle ‘wintry’ feel by taking the

HIGHLIGHTS HUE to around the 215 mark, with a corresponding SATURATION of under 10, say 5.

For the SHADOWS HUE, maybe somewhere around 200 or just under, and again the SATURATION under 10, say 5 again.


Free Presets

You can download this Winter Frost preset here. If you subscribe to my weekly newsletter I will send all future free tutorial presets direct to your mailbox.

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