How to Create a Vintage Film Effect

Give your images a touch of vintage class!

Time taken – About two minutes!

In this tutorial I show you how to give your images a touch of vintage class.

Are you inspired by that old film effect? If you are, then here’s how to give your images a touch of vintage class!


EXPOSURE up slightly +0.95

CONTRAST down slightly -18

Take HIGHLIGHTS down to -18 and then boost the SHADOWS +24

Next, mute the WHITES a little -8 and mute the BLACKS a little more, say -27


Boost CLARITY to around +12 and drop the VIBRANCE way down, -71

DESATURATE a little -7


Flattened CURVE by dropping the top a little and lifting the bottom slightly. Its kind of a reverse ‘S’, but very flat. You don’t have to be perfect here, just give it a sense of reverse ‘S’.


Set SHADOWS HUE to around 53 and SHADOWS SATURATION about 14


Finish off by adding a subtle dark vignette, -10


And there you have it…


… and AFTER

Download the Presets

If you would like to download the preset, here is the link [opens in a new tab].

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