How to create a cinematic effect

Create a Cinematic Effect in Lightroom

Time to complete approximately 2 minutes!

Short tutorial explaining how to create a classic cinematic effect using Adobe Lightroom – Desaturation with Intensity!

In this tutorial I show you how to create a classic desaturated cinematic effect with intensity, using Lightroom.

Here is the starting image for reference. It’s a great image with atmosphere and well structured. Now to give it a touch of Hollywood!

Step 1 : Adjust the TONE

Tweak the CONTRAST down to around -16

Push the HIGHLIGHTS down even further, to around -45

Bring the SHADOWS up to +30

Push the WHITES up a little, +14

And push the BLACKS up even further, +28 or so.

Step 2: Adjust the PRESENCE

Bring the CLARITY way up to around +58

Drop the VIBRANCE down slightly, -5

Take SATURATION down to the 20’s, say -22

And for good measure, I like to give a little DEHAZE, +2

Step 3: Tweak the CURVE

Go to the CURVE adjustment and flip it to the ‘Medium Contrast’ preset.

Step 4: Set a VIGNETTE

Last step, set a slight dark VIGNETTE, I suggest around -12.


And here is the final image with a Before/After…

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