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Imagepunk Velocity Workflow System

116 Signature Profiles plus 52 Presets in a complete 4-step Workflow System

Profiles in Lightroom and Photoshop are a hidden gem with the power to totally transform your images. I have developed my own 4-step workflow that harnesses the power of profiles and leverages a panel of quick-set presets to help me speed up my image editing, give me maximum creative control, and enable me to take my photographs from good to amazing!

Complete Velocity Workflow Starter Pack of 116 Profiles plus 52 Quick-Set Presets

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Image Profile System from Imagepunk

Edit Like a Pro in 4 Easy Steps!


Choose a profile to work with. My Velocity Workflow System comes complete with 166 signature profiles to work with. You can add to this collection either from my store or any other 3rd party profiles. You can even create your own profiles!


Use the slider to adjust the intensity of the profile. You can range from a very subtle effect through to full-on, in-your-face!


Now head over to the Velocity Workflow Quick-Settings panel and have a play with each of the 9 categories: Exposure, Contrast, Presence, Saturation, Vignette, Grain, Sharpening, Noise Reduction, and Lens Correction


The final step to achieve the perfect image is to make finer adjustments using the presets sliders, and if the fancy takes you, tweak the Profiles slider to get the look that you want.

Image Profile System from

Here's What You Get...

The Velocity Workflow Presets Panel works with any 3rd Party Profiles you are using, AND all of the included Profiles are compatible with any 3rd Party Presets you are using!

Literally thousands of different combinations and looks in one, easy-install package!

Complete Velocity Workflow Starter Pack of 116 Profiles plus 52 Quick-Set Presets


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Profiles Versus Presets

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