Simulate the Orton Effect using Photoshop

In this video, I share my technique to simulate the Orton photographic effect developed by Michael Orton. It takes less than 2 minutes to simulate this amazing effect and can turn an ordinary image into a work of fine art suitable for hanging.

If you are a Lightroom user, you can see me create the same effect using Lightroom only.

If you prefer a text guide, here are the simple steps to follow:

Starting Image

Step 1

Select your image layer in Photoshop and duplicate it – CMD/ALT + J

Select the new layer and set the blending mode to ‘Scree’ to make it brighter.

Now right-click the layer and ‘Convert to Smart Object’.

Step 2

Add some blur to the layer – Filters> Blur> Gausian Blur

Set to suit your specific image. For my image I used somewhere around 16.

Step 3

Now duplicate this layer – CMD/ALT + J

Set this layer’s blend mode to ‘Multiply’. The image should darken considerably.

Step 4

Add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer, and bring the brightness right up.


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