About Andy

I’m Andy Wood, a photo editor. Join me on my journey to create the perfect photographic image!

I develop profiles, presets, and actions for use with Photo Editing programs, mainly Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I’m excited to see what you create with my #imagepunk products!

To become an influencer, attract followers, shares, and likes, and to build your photography or fine-art business and reputation, you need to make your images stand out from the crowd. My products will help you create stunning photos for your clients or favorite social media or blogger platform.


I create my Products for everyone. When you purchase from Imagepunk you are not just purchasing profiles, presets, or actions, you also get my personal satisfaction guarantee. As I want to make all my customers satisfied, if you are not happy, just send me a message with an unedited image and details of the pack you purchased / date of purchase and I will personally adjust it for you.

Please remember that your images are your personal creation. You decide what looks good and what works. Using Imagepunk products is just the starting point in your creative journey. Inevitable some adjustments and tweaking will be required for any image.

Give your images the quality they deserve!

I hope you enjoy my work

Andy Wood

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